Business Related Links for Reference

Here are some useful links for those studying business and business related topics. This list will be updated periodically. Please comment and add links to reputable websites that can be used related to business.

Coding Resources
Code School – Free Co Courses
Khan Academy – Hour of Code

Financial Literacy
Federal Reserve
Practical Money Skills
It All Adds Up
Mortgage Calculator
Loan Calculator
Cost of Living Calculator

SCANS – Skills
SCANS Executive Summary

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Creating a Code of Ethics
More Business Ethics

Franchise Your Business
Franchise Self Test

Types of Market Structures

Tiny URL – Custom URL Shortener
Speech Word to Minute Calculator
Life Insurance Education
Calculate Your Net Worth

Investment Dictionary

Reference for Business
Nolo’s Legal Encyclopedia
Legal Information Institute

About You
Leadership Style Survey
Keirsey Personality Temperament Sorter

150+ Amazing Apps for Education, Training, and Business!

150 + Amazing Free Apps for Education, Training, & Business 

Technology certainly can enhance education, training, & business. I’ve put together a list of over 150 free apps that can be used to bring education and training courses to life. Many of the apps have more then one potential use and can be used outside of education and training to make life easier. As a business educator I see the utility of these applications in business as well. This list includes web, iOS, and Android apps and gives a brief description of what each app can do. Many of these apps have paid versions that have features outside of the scope of what the free versions can do. But for most of the apps the FREE versions work just fine.

Powerful Presentations and Videos

  • Canva – Design flyers, posters, E-magazines, E-books, social media covers, blog graphics, presentations, etc (iPad/Web) (Some options and templates can be used and shared for free)
  • Haiku Deck – Presentation software (iPad/Web)
  • Emaze – 2D & 3D online presentation software (Web)
  • Powtoon – Online animated videos and presentations (Web)
  • Animoto – Use photos and video + music to create slideshows (lite version – 30 sec./free trial) (Web)
  • SlideDog – Combines most media types (PPT, Pdf, Prezi, etc) into one seamless multimedia presentation (Web)
  • Glogster – Put together text, audio, images, video, etc into a multimedia presentation. (Free for a limited time)
  • Flowboard – Presentations are interactive and can contain documents, videos, galleries, and navigation (iPad/Web)
  • GoAnimate – Make professional animated presentations and videos – Note: Only some templates are free (Web)
  • Kizoa – Create slide shows, collages, or videos
  • Photo Peach – Create slide shows


  • Vimeo – Create, watch, upload, and share videos (Web)
  • PresentMe – Simply talk and record to add video and/or audio to your document or presentation (Web)
  • Screenr – Create web-based screen-cast videos with audio (iPhone/Web)
  • Screencast-o-matic – Create a screen-cast recording 15 mins max (Web)
  • Vyclone – Merge multiple videos (from different phones) into one video to create a multi angle video – great for group assignments (iPhone/iPad/Google)
  • Windows Movie Maker – Create videos. Simply talk and record to add video and/or audio to your document or presentation. Can be used for podcasts. (Web)
  • Picle – Capture moments (photo or video), turn them into stories, and share (iPad/iPhone/iPod)
  • Videolicious – Make a video in seconds just tap and talk (Note: 1 minute length/ 10 supporting shots, and 1 sound bite). (Web)
  • iMajiCam – Create videos with video effects in real time (iPad/iPhone/iPod)
  • iMovie – Create, browse and share movies created on an iOS device. Can be used for podcasts. (Note: Only some versions are free)
  • Screenchomp – Recordable whiteboard (iPad)
  • Educreations – Record voice and iPad screen to create video lessons that are shareable (iPad)
  • Explain Everything – “An easy-to-use design, screen-casting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.” (iPhone/iPad) (Note: not free)
  • Masher – Put together photos, video, text, and effects (Web)
  • Wideo – Put together videos in a flash (Web)
  • Moovly – Create animated videos (Web)
  • Renderforest – Create slideshows, use animation, etc (Web)
  • Splice – Mix video clips, music, photos, visual & sound effects, text, audio, and voice-overs (iOS)
  • Video Editor Free – Video editor (iOS)
  • Jahshaka – Must download (Windows) ?

Videos – Create Short Videos Narrated by a Character

Video and Presentation Related

  • SlideShark – Simply upload a PowerPoint file to your online account and the slides are automatically converted to a mobile format. The app can be used to download and show your presentation on your mobile device, projector, or broadcast over the web. It has the ability to share an online version of your presentation for others to view on-demand, anytime from any device, and track viewing results.
  • SlideShare – Upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. (Android/Web)
  • Thinglink – Make images and video interactive

Get Photos

  • Compfight – May be some cost involved depending on the photo


     Podcast – Audio or video; a digital file recording, often part of a series, that can be downloaded from a website to a computer or other device such as a cell phone.

Screenshots/Screen Recording

  • Awesome Screenshot – Capture screenshots (Web – Chrome, Firefox and Safari)
  • Jing – Share images and videos of your computer screen
  • Snag it – Take a screenshot, screen capture, or screen video recording (Chrome)

Picture/Photo Gallery

  • JAlbum – Creates slides of pictures a sort of photo gallery (Note: Free trial only)


  • SketchNotes – Draw and take notes on an iPad (iPad)
  • A Web Whiteboard – Draw on a whiteboard using the computer, tablet, or smartphone. (Web)



  • Socrative – Create and share online quizzes, surveys, and games (Android/Web)
  • Kahoot! – Online quizzes & games (iPad/Android/Web)
  • Nearpod – Create and download presentations and lessons to share with students, students can interact and teachers can receive data on students (iPad/Android/Web)
  • Plickers – Collect real time formative assessment data with or without mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Android)
  • Jeopardy Rocks – Create an online Jeopardy game (Web)
  • Act it Out – Game (iPhone)

To Do List/Calendar

Online Meetings and Collaboration

  • TodaysMeet – A back channel for discussion and collaboration
  • Fuze Meeting – Host and attend online meetings/web conferences with up to 25 people (Android/iOS)
  • Google Hangout – Have group conversations (Android/iOS/Web)


  • Groupme – Send group texts which allows for sharing of videos, photos, etc

Flash Cards

  • Quizlet – Create and use study tools such as flash cards, tests, games, etc (Web)
  • – Turn a Google spreadsheet into online flashcards.
  • Evernote Peek – Turn images, notes, audio, etc into materials for study. (iPad)

Social Media Story

  • Storify – Allows for the creation of stories from social media posts (Web)
  • Tagboard – Track hashtags – can search and collect (Web)

Online Magazine or E-book


  • Zite – Articles from the web tailored for you based on your likes and dislikes and areas of interest (iPad/Android)
  • Flipboard – A personal magazine, filled with the things you care about. A single place to discover, collect and share news of importance to you – (iPad/ Android/ Web)
  • Wibbitz – Receive news as a video summary (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

Videos (Pre-made for viewing)

  • Ted – Short videos on various topics (Android/Web)

Read E-books Online

  • OverDrive
  • Audio Book Cloud
  • One Click Digital
  • Tumble Book Cloud

Read Magazines Online

  • Zinio – Read digital magazines (iPad/Android/Web)

Photo/Photo Collage or Compilation

  • PicCollage – Create a photo collage of your pictures with background and text options (Andorid/iPad)
  • Flipagram – Allows for putting together short “video” stories from your photos (iPad/Android)
  • Camera 2 – Photo app

Reading, Writing, &/or Notes

  • Evernote – For notes, writing, capture photos, record audio, with searchable entries. Can also be used as an digital portfolio. (Android/iOS/Web)
  • Read, Think, Write
  • Notely

Online Forms & Surveys


  • Freegal – Stream and download free music, movies, and videos (iPad/Android/Web) (Available free through many local libraries)
  • Creative Commons – Find free music and images
  • Freesound – Find free music

Group Maker

Digital Portfolios/E-Portfolios (E-folios) – Can also be used for creating websites or blogs

E-Portfolio – an electronic collection of evidence that shows student learning over time.

Blog – a regularly updated website detailing an individual or groups experiences, observations, and opinions. Often written in a conversational or informal style. Usually has images, articles, and links to other websites.

Other Options for E-Portfolios

  • Lino – Add sticky notes and photos to a virtual board
  • Prezi – Can be used for presentations as well as for an E-portfolio (iPad/Web)
  • VoiceThread – Talk, type and draw on the screen – students can flip their work and explain it and teachers can use to flip the classroom. (iOS)
  • eduClipper – Portfolio tool allows students to create portfolios of things they have clipped (aka bookmarked) online.
  • Easy Portfolios – Record audio, write text, capture picture and record video directly into portfolio – can also import it on Dropbox. (iOS) (Note: $1.99)
  • Foliobook – Present visual and photo artwork.
  • Google Drive – create 7 share files in one place. Upload the files and give access to anyone anywhere. (Note: 5 GB free)
  • WeLearnedIt – create digital portfolios that contain files from Google Drive, Dropbox, links from the web, images and videos captured with iPad, and whiteboard videos created within the app. (iPad)

Social Media/Marketing

  • Hootlet – Allows users to quickly and easily share content to their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web. In the current window, users can highlight text, share content, images and videos easily. (Chrome & Firefox)
  • StayFocusd – Limits the amount of time spent roaming the web. Users can set it to block certain sites, allow some and restrict browsing by time. There’s even a “Nuclear Option” that can block access to the entire Internet. (Chrome)
  • AdBlockPlus – Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners and much more (Chrome)

Curate Information

  • Popplet – Virtual wall thoughts can be connected – Must login to use (Free version: limited to 5 popplets)
  • Corkulous
  • Padlet – Virtual wall on the web that allows for collaboration and posting of videos, files, links etc
  • – Search for discover and curate information from the web – you can also add your own comments. Can post on social media with one click.
  • lino

Image editor/Illustrator


  • Noisedown – Keep track of the noise level in the classroom sounds an alert when level gets to loud (iPhone)
  • ThreeRing – Digital environment for capturing, storing, and using educational artifacts and documenting learning. Capture anything, regardless of format. Students can take a picture of any paper, drawing, or board work and Record presentations or discussions with audio or video. Students can upload their own work from any mobile device or computer. (iPad/Web)
  • Dropittome – Quick and easy online file sharing – (Web)
  • Class Dojo – Record behaviors and accomplishments in class – Award and recognize student successes / Provide real-time feedback. Share data with parents and students. Parents, teachers and students can sign up.
  • Class Kick – Students work on a teacher-made Class Kick assignment on their iPads, teachers see every students’ work progressing all at once. Students can privately raise hands, teachers give individualized, real-time student feedback.(iPad)
  • – Create online info-graphics (Web)
  • Smore – Online flyer, newsletter, that can be linked to a webpage
  • BrainPop
  • Tacck – Tackboard for everything – can create blog post, webpage, flyer, etc
  • Explain Everything – Screencast/ whiteboard (not free)
  • QR Codes
  • Skitch – Use shapes and sketches; Mark up info
  • Class Charts – Behavior management software ?
  • Movefo – Avatar
  • Spritzinc
  • MYGr
  • Chirp – airdrop
  • World lens – translates text automatically through the camera (Android)
  • Eyejot – Create and send video mail (Web/iPhone/iPod)
  • Pix lip – whiteboard with or without webcam or audio
  • Quick key – use phone to scan answer docs to grade assessments
  • Voxer – Two-way radios that can be used across the world
  • iTunes U – Online Courses
  • Rightinbox – Email scheduling and reminders (Web)
  • Online Stopwatch – Online timer/ stop watch (Web)

Google Apps – Google is your one stop source for several apps such as:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Slide
  • MyGroups – Google Groups
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Google Classroom
  • Course – Builder – Create and deliver courses through the open source platform

Need an alternative to an application listed above? Check out alternativeTo for an alternative.

What are some of your favorite apps for education, training, and business? Leave a comment and include your favorite apps.

Lessons from Olympians that can Advance your Career

Every four years the Olympics draws athletes from all over the world ready to compete to determine who will win gold, silver, and bronze.  This year the Olympics seemed extra special, for three weeks the Olympics captivated the nation. Truly the world was watching as athletes from almost every country performed at their very best and defied convention as they reached for the illustrious gold.

With the Olympics in the rearview there are several recurring themes that were evident from event to event and interview to interview. There are several lessons that can be learned from Olympians and these lessons can be applied to advancing your career.

Most people will never compete in the Olympic games but everyone has the ability to become an Olympian in their own right. The equivalent to Olympic gold will be different from industry to industry. You may never win 20+ Olympic medals like Michael Phelps but you probably haven’t chosen swimming as your profession either.  Olympic gold may be partnership in a major law firm, teacher of the year recognition, or a professorship at a major research institution.  

How can you reach Olympic gold in your career? There are 4 lessons that can be learned from Olympians:

1-      Follow your dreams. Set lofty goals and go after them with abandon. Create a plan to achieve your goals and funnel your energy into making your dreams a reality. This requires boldness, confidence, courage, and the ability to stay focused.

2-      Develop a support team. Your support team should be made up of coaches, family, & friends. Coaches or mentors are those older experienced individuals that can help you achieve your career goals. Seek coaches that can help you get to the next level.  Family support can make a difference in achievement. Choose to spend time with and build relationships with those in your family who encourage you, nurture your gifts, and challenge you to be your best. Your support team should build you and help you get to the next level.

3-      Hard work pays off. For athletes even if they don’t win a medal there are other ways in which the years of hard work can pay off.  Athletes and other people who strive towards reaching extraordinary goals develop skills for success in life such as determination, teamwork, and self-confidence.  This is the main reason many companies hire athletes.

4-      Never give up.  Perseverance is critical, as obstacles and disappointments are encountered. In order to achieve greatness you will have to push through difficult times.  Shake off discouragement and defeat (even failure). You will have road blocks in your career. It’s how you respond to adversity that matters. Gabby Douglas two-timegymnastic Olympic gold medalist wanted to quit months before the London games, but her mother and her surrogate family encouraged her to hang in there. She did and she won gold. I love what she said after winning her second gold medal, “Hard days are the best because that is when champions are made”.

You may not win Olympic gold but you can reach your Olympic goals.  The theme for the 2013 Olympic Games is Live your Passion.  Focus your energies into your passion and then you can reach your Olympic goals too.