Business Related Links for Reference

Here are some useful links for those studying business and business related topics. This list will be updated periodically. Please comment and add links to reputable websites that can be used related to business.

Coding Resources
Code School – Free Co Courses
Khan Academy – Hour of Code

Financial Literacy
Federal Reserve
Practical Money Skills
It All Adds Up
Mortgage Calculator
Loan Calculator
Cost of Living Calculator

SCANS – Skills
SCANS Executive Summary

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Creating a Code of Ethics
More Business Ethics

Franchise Your Business
Franchise Self Test

Types of Market Structures

Tiny URL – Custom URL Shortener
Speech Word to Minute Calculator
Life Insurance Education
Calculate Your Net Worth

Investment Dictionary

Reference for Business
Nolo’s Legal Encyclopedia
Legal Information Institute

About You
Leadership Style Survey
Keirsey Personality Temperament Sorter

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