Your Classroom Can Reflect Business and Industry 

Classrooms can and should reflect business and industry no matter the subject you teach. An easy way to do this is to include elements from business and industry in your space. This can be done cheaply to keep budget in mind. Yes, it can still be a standards based classroom and satisfy administrators that visit your room for evaluations, etc. 

My classroom is set up to mimic an office as much as reasonably possible because I teach business and computer science. Check out the example from my classroom. The “Information” bulletin board includes legal documents that have to be included in similar workspaces in the “real world” that I printed out from the Department of Labor website. This includes the federal minimum wage posting, a calendar of events, and procedures that students need to be reminded of. There is also a board that includes industry appropriate documents created by students to promote our co-curricular student organization Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Students love seeing their work on the walls, even if it isn’t perfect. 

You can also include interesting pieces around the room that you can refer to that relate to the different things students are learning.  I have maps, a globe, an airplane, and a camera in my room to remind students to “picture their future” and “think globally”. 

What are some ways that your classroom reflects the real world that students will enter when they graduate? 


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