Prepare for a New School Year

There are many things that educators can do in preparation for a new school year.  As a former high school teacher and as a graduate student who works closely with teachers. I have assembled a to do list for teachers in preparation for a new school year.

1- Clean out last year’s papers, notebooks, computer files, etc. Take a few days and go thru bins, boxes, and files, get rid of anything you haven’t used and items you will no longer use. Make a pile for trash (toss), treasure (keep), and gifts (items that are in good condition that other teachers could use).

2- Plan for professional development early- Teachers have to continue to develop their skills and knowledge. Ask yourself: What skills do I need to learn? What skills need to be sharpened? How can I better serve myself and my students? What do I want to learn?

3- Develop your relationships- 1-Catch up with old friends and colleagues. Go to lunch or coffee to get reacquainted or send a note, card, or email to say hello.  2- Take a class, volunteer, or go to the library to meet new people. Don’t just network, connect. Some of your new connections may even be interested in helping out in your classroom (serving as guest speakers, etc)

4- Rest, relax, and rejuvenate- This is the most important thing you can do in preparation for a new school year. Try not to talk about your students all the time and don’t drop by the school to work 3 times a week. It’s called summer break for a reason.

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